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Got His Number

You know what’s sad?  The fucking Iranians are right about Bush.

Iran on Thursday dismissed US President George W. Bush’s allegations of its interference in Iraq as “undocumented” and a sign of “political despair,” local news agencies reported.

“Bush’s statements lack any new and documented points and are a sign of indecision, lack of wisdom and political despair,” Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said, quoted by the semi-official Mehr news agency.

Hey, if you like what we’ve done with Iraq then you’ll love Bush’s plans for Iran.

Update: A LOT of people have completely misconstrued the point of this post.  I’m appending the words “about Bush” to the end of the first sentence.  I merely thought that “indecision, lack of wisdom and political despair” was a pretty good description of the situation Bush now finds himself in.

For the record, of course Iran is supplying the insurgency.  One of my main complaints over the past 4 years is that we were doing nothing to secure the borders.  And now, mysteriously, fighters and weapons from Iran are coming into Iraq.  What a conundrum!

So here’s the problem.  When Bush came to us and said Iraq was a threat we supported him and we invaded.  They subsequently didn’t find any WMD whatsoever, a few old shell casings with mustard gas notwithstanding.  Bush has been pretty much wrong about every single thing he’s ever said about Iraq.  Now comes Iran.  Now the same president is waving his arms, pointing at Iran and saying “Lookee here!”

Would you keep going to a doctor who consistently diagnosed your illnesses incorrectly?  No?  Well, when dealing with a president with an abominable track record on Iraq, who is known to selectively pick and choose what information he releases, who has a record of lying and dishonesty that would make Bill Clinton faint, you’ll have to excuse me for not throwing my legs over my head and polluting my breeches in celebration that our wonderful leader is telling us about Iran being an imminent threat.

It probably is.  Too bad there’s nobody in this administration I trust to give an honest evaluation of the situation.

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