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Spin Cycle on High

This morning in this post I discussed Bush’s honesty and trustworthiness.

So here’s the problem.  When Bush came to us and said Iraq was a threat we supported him and we invaded.  They subsequently didn’t find any WMD whatsoever, a few old shell casings with mustard gas notwithstanding.  Bush has been pretty much wrong about every single thing he’s ever said about Iraq.  Now comes Iran.  Now the same president is waving his arms, pointing at Iran and saying “Lookee here!”

Would you keep going to a doctor who consistently diagnosed your illnesses incorrectly?  No?  Well, when dealing with a president with an abominable track record on Iraq, who is known to selectively pick and choose what information he releases, who has a record of lying and dishonesty that would make Bill Clinton faint, you’ll have to excuse me for not throwing my legs over my head and polluting my breeches in celebration that our wonderful leader is telling us about Iran being an imminent threat.

Even this administration’s most strident supporters are forced to admit that this, one of the most secretive administrations in history, has a tendency to twist the truth in their favor.  Then, later in the day, the I blogged on the GAO report story.  In that post’s comments I wrote

Yes, yes, it’s the media conspiracy at wotk!  The GAO wants to see us defeated, so they’re leaking parts of the report.

You know what else got leaked?  The White House memo where they’re already preparing to call the GAO report bullshit.

Wow, you mean the White House leaks things too?  Good sweet merciful fuck, when did this start happening?

Now, those of you who were opposed to me on these issues this morning, take a look at this beautiful compendium of Bush Bullshit and spin from Obsidian Wings.  So in the morning, since January even, the Iraqis were being held to goals which had to be met.  When it turns out that the Iraqis haven’t met the goals, the spin is that the goals were impossible to achieve in the first place.

Spin spin bullshit and spin.  Honestly, you have to have some kind of mental disease to trust anything these people say.

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