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Fasten Your Steatbelts

If you want to see true delusional behavior, you can’t beat this.

Sen. James M. Inhofe says terrorists’ attempt to shoot down the C-130 military transport plane carrying him and other lawmakers in Iraq demonstrated the progress of the U.S. military campaign.

“Al Qaeda’s unsuccessful attempt to shoot down this C-130 aircraft was a futile effort to influence its losing fight in Iraq, and served to underscore the reality that terrorism is still a threat and that there is still work to be done,” the Oklahoma Republican said. “The crew’s impeccable training and flawless performance ensured the safety of the aircraft and all personnel on board.”

Mr. Inhofe was aboard the aircraft with Republican Sens. Richard C. Shelby of Alabama and Mel Martinez of Florida and Rep. Robert E. “Bud” Cramer, Alabama Democrat, departing Baghdad en route to Amman, Jordan when they came under fire.

The crew of the aircraft dispensed flares to defeat any potential heat-seeking missile threat and no one was harmed, Mr. Inhofe said.

A few points, if I may.  First, almost five years later, and terrorist elements are still trying to shoot down military aircraft.  This is progress?  To me it’s a clear indication of what a total failure this operation has been.  It’s like when Condi went over there a few months back, and there were press photos of her at the bottom of the ramp of her plane wearing a bullet proof vest.  I was like, you mean to tell me the country is so unsafe that they can’t even secure the airport?

Secondly, this is a plane specially designed to thwart attempts to shoot it down.  It shoots flares.  It does rapid take-offs and landings.  (Have you ever seen Air Force One take off?  It damn near goes vertical as soon as it leaves the ground.) Planes going in and out of hostile zones will do a spiral landing, where they will fly over the airport, then go down in a corkscrew pattern and land.  It makes it extremely difficult to shoot down the plane.

So, the fact that some terrorists attempted and failed to shoot down a military aircraft specifically designed not to be shot down, piloted by a crew who have undergone extensive training on how not to get shot down, is a sign of progress.  I’d hate so see what he thinks is a sign of failure.  When a civilian airliner can land there Inhofe can come talk to me about progress.

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