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It Doesn’t Even ROOK rike Me!!

Australian politicians are catching on to America’s ‘hypocracy imitates politics’ agendas. the newest has become a cantidate named Andrew Quah, a ‘Family First’ cantidate. Haven’t read much on the party but the article indicates that the title has something to do with ‘putting the family first.’ In a shocker (not really) Mr. Quah has become another politician to have a scandal that involves the key words, “nude” “gay” and “drugs and alcohol.” Rike a virgin, taped for the vewy filst time...Rike a viw-w-w-gin....

IF YOU thought John Howard was having a bad election campaign, spare a thought for Andrew Quah, a candidate for the Family First Party. He has been dumped as its candidate for the western Sydney seat of Reid after photos of him parading his private parts appeared on gay websites and were emailed around the country.

Mr Quah, 21, has also admitted to looking at porn websites in the past two weeks, which made his position untenable given his party’s strong commitment to protect children by making porn harder to access on the internet.

Mr Quah told the Herald yesterday he thought it was possible that he had posed for the compromising photographs. “I might have been drunk off my face or my political enemies might have drugged me.”

By the way, if you needed any further proof that stereotypes aren’t always fictional, Mr.Quah has earned himself a new nickname in the wake of this scandal.

Already Mr Quah is being called “Australia’s smallest loser”. The Other Cheek blog even put up what it alleged were full-frontal close-ups of him but used Family First stickers for optional modesty.

Damn, I can’t berieve this outlage!! this is, rike, the thiwd time I told you it wasn’t me, it was my poriticar enemies!!

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