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Fists Don’t Kill People

Boy, it’s a good thing that handguns are restricted because it may have been a lot easier to kill this guy over some stupid bullshit than having to use fists and feet to bludgeon him to death.

Man killed in fight over watering

SYDNEY, Australia - A 66-year-old man was bashed to death while watering his lawn following an argument with a neighbor over the city’s water restrictions, police and media said Thursday.

Police alleged in a statement that Munter approached Proctor Wednesday as he watered his lawn with a hose at 5:30 p.m. and an argument ensued. Television and radio news bulletins reported the argument was over Sydney’s water restrictions.

Proctor reportedly sprayed Munter with the hose. Police allege Munter responded by punching and pushing Proctor to the ground and kicking him.

I support mandatory hand and leg cuffs to prevent this kind of tragedy. If he had to get the key from the cupboard, he may have had just enough time to cool down.

It’s real simple. People will find a way to kill other people, regardless of the tools involved.

Update from Lee: I’m still waiting on Australia to ban pointed sticks.  We all know how dangerous a man can be with a pointed stick.  And since any stick can be turned into a pointed stick quite easily, the ban should be on all sticks of any size or variety.

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