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The Outlook for the Dems

Coates starts in with what I believe will be the Democratic meme for the next two months:

Also, if you’re making a play for Hillary voters---older, middle-aged white women in rust-belt states--is the way to get it done by bypassing, say, Carly Fiorina and Kay Bailey Hutchison, to pick a former Ms. Alaska who’s only been governor for two years? There’s a meme about Barack Obama reminding older women of the slick, handsome guy who beat them out for a big promotion, even though they were more qualified. But here’s another very likely meme--Sarah Palin as the inexperienced, younger, attractive woman who beats them out for a promotion, even though they were more qualified.


Palin was appointed by a 72-year old man who passed over many more qualified, older women for a much younger, former Ms. Alaska with a thin resume. Add in the fact that this is a dude who left his wife after coming home from Vietnam for a much younger rich, former rodeo queen and you have the makings of a narrative. And it’s not the sort of narrative that attracts “Hillary voters,"--it’s the sort of narrative that attracts dirty old men. To be clear, I’m not saying that that’s what McCain is. In fact, I think it’s the opposite--this looks more hamfisted than sexist.

This is the angle the Dems are going to take, I think.  The most common description of Sarah Palin over the next two months will be “beauty queen”.  They’ll portray her as inexperienced (compared to Obama?) and the head of a small population (Limbaugh, in between fits of idiocy*, noted that Biden represents only 100,000 more people) and in the pocket of Big Oil.  How she fares in this crucible will tell us a lot about her future.

*Limbaugh was claiming that only radical leftists are vouching for Obama.  Apparently, he’s missed the endorsements from the very conservative members of the University of Chicago’s Economics Department.

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