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Grumbles From The Grave

Jerry Pournelle on Palin:

Palin will undoubtedly stay where she has always been, conservative personally and libertarian-republican politically. Were matters left to her, she would leave a great number of issues to the states—as would I.  I’d rather see her President than McCain, but we live with the choices we have.

Mr. Heinlein once speculated that we ought to reserve high political office for women with children because they tend to see things a bit more realistically. While I didn’t necessarily agree with him, I never won the argument with him. On the other hand, Robert used to take positions for the sheer fun of it. (Actually I think he’d have preferred that anyone elected be a woman with children who could solve quadratic equations in her head, but he never went quite that far in public statements. Ginny never had children, but she could certainly do the math....)

In other words, methinks Sullivan doth protest too much. I sometimes wonder what Heinlein would have made of this election. He was an avowed libertarian and some of his beliefs were decidedly ahead of his time.

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