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Query from Ambers

You should really read Mark Ambinder’s Q&A about the Palin Pick.  But what stuck me was this:

Is the pick good for the Republican Party?

Absolutely. Even if McCain loses in November, the GOP’s new standard bearer will be a younger working mother from outside Washington and not a rich businessman with perfect hair from Massachusetts.  McCain may have saved the GOP at the expense of the campaign.

I think this is the reason conservatives are jazzed about the pick.  Even if McCain loses, this seriously shakes up the GOP and clearly passes the torch to the Gen-X leaders like Palin and Jindal.  I worry about that somewhat since both are very in with the Religious Right.  But the desiccated corpse of the GOP is getting ripe.

I’ve said that Barack Obama’s campaign has already done a favor to the nation by weakening the Clintons.  If he wins, not only will the Clintons be finished once and for all, but so will the Old Guard GOP.  That alone might make up for four years of President Happypants.

Update: Contra Sullivan, it looks like McCain made this pick after reasonable deliberation.  I think we now know why.

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