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Oh Yeah, There’s World Out There

While we’re discussing our Presidential candidate, the Rest Of the World continues to exist.  And it’s not looking good.  Georgia has cut off diplomatic ties with the Russians, who are threatening to annex South Ossetia.  Putin is claiming that we deliberately caused the problem to help John McCain.  And the EU is passing resolutions, including one that could punt Russia from the G-8.

I wish I knew how this was going to play out, but I don’t.  Putin is very hard to read, President Bush’s peering into his soul not withstanding.  I oppose withdrawing from NATO or kicking Russia out of the G-8; the latter because I’m a big believer in alliances—especially in the nuclear age—and the former because I think Russia needs to be contained, not isolated.  We need them on our side when it comes to Iran and Afghanistan.

We’re entering a very dangerous phase of world affairs in which we have to balance China, Russia and the MIddle East and probably India before it’s all done.  It’s like a chess game with an unknown number of players.  I’m not sure, looking at either Presidential candidate, that we have someone capable of handling this (where’s Bush 41 when you need him?).  But right now I feel like we’re waiting for the next shoe to drop, waiting to see where Putin moves his tanks next.

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