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Sewer Divers

By now you’ve probably heard of this.

Progressive Democrats are speculating that Sarah Palin’s four-month old son is really not hers. Democrats believe that Palin’s daughter is really her daughter’s son.

Sarah Palin shot from obscurity when John McCain selected the 44-year-old governor of Alaska to be his running-mate last Friday.

Fueling the speculation was that the birth of the Down Syndrome baby, born April 18, 2008, was a surprise and even her staff were unaware she was pregnant until seven months into the pregnancy. Additionally, Palin’s water broke one month before the baby was due yet she kept a speaking engagement in Texas then made the eight-hour flight to Alaska. Three days after the birth of Trig, Palin returned to work as Governor.

Democratic bloggers are pointing to a video (located at the end of this article) by Palin where she discusses motherhood in March 2008, weeks before her delivery but doesn’t mention her pregnancy.

Ann Althouse has more. Also, Alan Colmes self-destructs over Palin’s fitness as a mother. I think these people may have just handed McCain the election.

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