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End Game

Team McCain is saying the polls are crap, which is the last desperate scream of a campaign.  If you want to know what’s really happening, check out Quinn’s report on the stark difference between the campaigns’ ground games:

These ground campaigns do not bear any relationship to one another. One side has something in the neighborhood of five million volunteers all assigned to very clear and specific pieces of the operation, and the other seems to have something like a thousand volunteers scattered throughout the country. Jon Tester’s 2006 Senate race in Montana had more volunteers—by a mile—than John McCain’s 2006 presidential campaign.

When Republican volunteers talk to us about how much enthusiasm and participation they notice in fellow volunteers, they mention how many people have come to pick up yard signs or bumper stickers. We haven’t yet seen a single Republican canvasser. (The one in Cortez, CO was staged; she said canvassing is the kind of thing she would do, and we made a decision to do the picture because we were concerned with not presenting “balance.” There is no balance in the facts.)

I’m in Texas, a state which is drawing slightly less electoral attention than Namibia.  I’m curious to hear if this story jibes with what our readers in battleground states are seeing.  It would not surprise me.  Obama’s Texas Primary campaign was extremely visible and well-organized.  That tends to happen when people with nothing better to do (e.g., students) are drawn to your campaign.  But is the McCain campaign really this desultory?

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