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Some truly awful news about Lee

*UPDATE (4/15/09) I un-stickied this post...I don’t think Lee would want the site fixated on this for very long. As far as I can imagine, I think he’d want the thunderdome back in full swing ASAP.

Original post below:

This is JimK.  I am posting this just to let everyone know, the news that is flying around about Lee’s passing in China is probably - at this point - true.  I will try to gather as much information as I can and post it here.  If you hear anything or see any news reports or get confirmation from anyone reliable, please post it in the comments.

This is about the worst thing I can imagine ever having to post on this site.  Lee is...and will always be...100% unique, a force of nature and someone we are all better off knowing.

I’m also going to ask that we leave the politics at the door temporarily.


Well, as far as I know - and I will not pester his family for info, so everything I am getting is second and third hand - Lee passed in the night. I got email from him a couple of days ago, and he was online as well, so the timeframe seems to be overnight Monday, Beijing time.

I believe his mother and brother are going to China to bring him home.  Harley I know you have contact with Clayton, so please keep us updated. 


Although he shared a few photos in the last few years, Lee protected his identity mostly out of professional reasons.  I think that matters less now than us sharing some of his finer moments.  I thought you all might enjoy a couple ofpics I dug up.

First off, Lee in the US Navy:

Lee in the Navy

I have a real actual physical copy of this. Love that.

Secondly, Lee and I in 1996. I’m dressed as Reverend Reznor (loooong story but we were huge NIN fans) and Lee?  Lee is humping me.

Buck Satan and Reverend Reznor

God I am going to miss that son of a bitch.  More pics as I dig them up.

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