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Unbanning (Also new registrations!)


I just discovered that registration for this site was set to manual approval.  There were 465-odd accounts, and I just couldn’t sort them all by hand (I would have to try to guess who was real and who was a Russian spammer), so I deleted EVERYTHING.  If you’ve tried to register for the site in the last two months or so, please try again, you will get a self-activation email to prove you aren’t a bot and then come on in.

*Update 2*

Yeah, umm, I just remembered *I* was the one that set registrations to manual to stop any possible trolls after the news about Lee.  Sorry.  It just completely slipped my mind.

Original post:

So let’s say someone was interested in a little test, a test where say, almost everyone who was banned from this site was unbanned.  Except for a very, VERY select few, one of whom should be obvious to anyone who saw his exchange with Clayton and is now He Who Shall Not Be Discussed as far as I am concerned.

Are there any others that any of you can think of who are just too frigging annoying or can’t comport themselves like rational people?  I’m not looking to let a lot of haterade flow around, but I would like to give people a chance to, I dunno, bury the hatchet I guess.  Life is fucking short, people. We got shit to do, you know what I’m sayin’?

So lay it on me.  Who should we swing open the doors for and who should the banhammer continue to smash in the balls?

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