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Republican Party Suicide Watch

At the risk of sounding like I’m quibbling (sorry, Jim) the meltdown of the GOP is continuing apace.

Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.’s appearance at a Michigan county Republican Party event was scrapped this week after the county chairwoman said that hosting the moderate Utah governor would mean abandoning the party’s conservative principles.

Kent County Republican Party Chairwoman Joanne Voorhees abruptly canceled the party fundraiser scheduled for Saturday.

“The voters want and expect us to stand on principle and return to our roots. Unfortunately, by holding an event with Governor Huntsman, we would be doing the exact opposite,” Voorhees wrote in an e-mail quoted in The Grand Rapids Press.

Voorhees did not specify which issues she felt were contrary to the party’s principles and did not return messages left at the party headquarters and on her cell phone.

The group Campaign for Michigan Families praised the cancellation, attributing it to Huntsman’s support of civil unions, and urged the Oakland and Kalamazoo county parties, where Huntsman is also scheduled to speak this weekend, to do the same.

It should be noted that Huntsman has an 80% plus approval rating in his home state, which is not exactly a bastion of liberalism (outside of perhaps Salt Lake City). He’s the kind of Republican who could represent the Party’s future, if it still has one. But he is not opposed to civil unions, so of course he’s out. As Larison notes about another “Pure” Republican:

It is rare to find people who seem genuinely unaware that Cheney is deeply unpopular and also implicated in atrocious crimes, and rarer still to find people who know this and still think it wise to have him making the rounds on television serving as a leading Republican spokesman. Some might say that Huston is simply a pitiable product of the conservative cocoon, but I say that he can offer us evidence for the strange mutant varieties of conservatism that have developed in isolation from reality.

It’s this strange definition of winning which is driving the Republican party further and further from the mainstream-like those Japanese soldiers who refused to surrender after WW2, they cling to the belief that because they held out on “Principal” that somehow they’re morally victorious even though their ranks are dropping like flies with each passing day. As such, satire is now becoming reality:

Now that Specter’s gone, we can turn to the real enemy – Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe! Then the only thing between us and victory will be Graham, Lugar, McCain, Murkowski, Grassley, Hatch, and some of the RINOs in the House. And the Governors, like Crist and Douglas and Lingle and anyone not named Palin or Jindal. And the Supreme Court Justices like the radical Kennedy. But time is on our side. If we get small enough, voters will finally see true conservatism, and then we’ll have to win.

Yeah, they’re “Winning,” all right. And the rest of us who used to consider ourselves Republicans can only shake our heads and watch the spectacle of a massive train wreck in action.

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