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Saturday mental health break: Your interests

Obviously, we spend a lot of time sniping at each other and arguing over politics and generally creating an atmosphere of animosity and bile.  And that is awesome. under the right conditions. BUT...often times we forget there are people on the other end of these internet thingies. Commenters (and authors) here get so entrenched in positions they forget that these arguments have real-world applications for the living, breathing human beings to whom they are talking.  And the simple fact is, 99% of us have more in common than we have differences.

To that end, I would like to start finding out what we have in common in an effort to weave a tighter community.  The idea is of course to find out things we all love that may fall by the wayside during these heated debates we have.

I have two simple rules for this little experiment:

1. NO POLITICS WHATSOEVER. First one to say anything political gets ass-raped by the barbed cock of Satan.
2. You need to list three things you love joyfully, like a little kid loves mud. They can be anything, from a brand of pants to a novel to a model of stove you use to cook with. Don’t care what it is. A website, your keyring...whatever. Just tell us three things you get happy over.

I’ll start.

1. I love pulp science fiction/mystery-crime books. I mean LOVE them. S.M. Stirling‘s T2 books are a great example. Decently written, but not literary by any means.  Pulp scifi that turns my crank.  T.A. Pratt’s Marla Mason books too, although that is more pulp urban fantasy. Oh and I worship the ground that Charlie Huston walks on. The man is a master at NoirSciCrimeUrbanFantasy pulp. And I will also confess to a serious obsession with J.D. Robb‘s Eve Dallas books. I’m like a junkie for that shit.

2. Defense Grid. I have beaten every level of this game eighty ways from Sunday and I still keep playing, to the exclusion of my Xbox 360, which has many things on it I need to play.

3. Fall Out Boy‘s new album Folie’ A Deux. FOB gets a bum rap due to Pete Wentz’s penchant for douchery, but these guys are a tight band with tremendous energy and well-constructed pop/rock/emo/powerpoppunk songs, and the new record is on never-ending repeat in my car.

That’s right, I posted publicly that I love Fall Out Boy. Fuck you all. ;) And now it’s your turn.  What exactly are you people into, and if anyone says “sex with cats” that bit was already done better than you could do it (SITE AND VIDEO NSFW!!). ;)

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