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Changes at Right Thinking

I sent out some editorial guidelines early yesterday and was going to post them tomorrow night to let all the readers know what was going on. I never got the chance to let the authors sit with them before making them public...as you can see, WVR flooded the site with his usual barely-written quote-fest posts from the same blogs on the same dead-horse subjects...again. After the first two I emailed him a warning which he promptly ignored. After today’s performance...my patience is simply non-existent. I have heard the cries, and I agree with them, so WVR, I’m sorry but you clearly wanted this to happen for whatever reason. So now it has.

WVR is no longer a contributing author. He is not banned, but he no longer has posting privileges.

I’m looking for two more people to become authors, so if you have suggestions or would like to give it a shot, please let me know. That’s not a response to removing WVR from the front page, BTW...I was looking for two people anyway. See the end of the quoted text below for more detail.

Here’s the text of the email I sent out yesterday…

1. No more quoting the majority of your posts. Long pull quotes are sometimes unavoidable, but it will no longer be tolerated as the primary style of writing. Your original material should at least equal the material you are quoting.

2. No more cutting and pasting from the same three blogs every day. If we want to read every word someone else writes, we can go to their blogs.

3. No more flooding the zone. This has two parts:

A. No more posting three or four posts in a row on the same topic on the same day. If you have more to add on a topic about which you have already posted, update your original post. Unless something truly groundbreaking that could be called NEWS happens, an updated post is all that is required.
B. No more posting multiple posts in a short period of time. I’m not really interested in limiting how many posts per day anyone can make, but I AM tired of seeing good posts pushed far down the page by flooding the zone. A good guideline would be if you’ve made three or four posts already today...maybe you’re done until tomorrow. Remember, you can always schedule posts to go live at later times as well to help space things out and give all voices a chance to be heard.

Pretty simple. It all boils down to the idea RTFTLC should be a place for _some_ original thought in reaction to the news of the day. If you don’t have any original thoughts to add to a story, maybe you should reconsider whether it needs to be posted or not.  The exceptions to all of this, of course, is fun/diversion stuff, like if you find a great viral or something and you just want to post it for fun. That kind of thing is always welcome.

As for enforcement...well that’s basically just my judgment.  I will be watching closely, and if people can’t stick to these basic standards...well then they won’t be posting.

Also, I would love to get one or two more people involved. I’m looking for a Republican...that’s right I said Republican with a capital R. I think it would be interesting to see what happens when yo take a bunch of libertarian-minded people and have them co-authoring with one of the faithful. Also, I’m looking for a conservative (small C, like some of us are small L libertarians). If you have any suggestions of folks who fit the bill and would be willing to do it, please let me know.

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