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Obama: Everything To Everyone

It’s no secret that people, especially his supporters, project their own beliefs and feelings onto Obama and thereby perceive his values to line up utterly with theirs. Even Obama knows and acknowledges this… I’d have found the exact quote, but Google is so bogged down by people pointing this very thing out that I can’t actually find his own words for the phenomenon.

But he’s definitely aware of it, and it’s pretty clear that he’s cultivated this trait to at least some extent. His “Present” voting record is the most obvious of these, even its very existence allowing his supporters to make up reasons for his having done so. (A favorite seeming to be “He just didn’t want to make waves, so he could be elected and become an awesome President!") Much about Obama is groomed to be charming while also slightly bland and designed not to stand out too much… almost like the politician equivalent of Garfield.

I think, though, one of the most interesting things is just how far people will take this, up to the point that they will assign him views that specifically go against his actual actions or stated opinions. Whether they make the excuse of “He’s just saying that because he needs to play politics”, or just simply refuse to acknowledge his actions and statements, leftists will convince themselves that Obama really actually thinks as they do. It’s almost become a game to see just how much of this you could spot.

So in a way, I wanted this to be a kind of open thread. Post something that you’ve seen people currently claiming Obama believes, thinks, or will do (links optional). Bonus points if you can then post something Obama’s said or done that’s in direct conflict with this. Extra heresy bonus points if it’s really out there.

I think the most amusing belief I’ve seen ascribed to him is probably atheism. I’ve seen more than a few hardcore/staunch/fundamental (whatever you wanna call them) atheists say that Obama simply must have the same disdain and dismissal for organized religion (read: the Christian type belief systems) that they do. That his going to church for all those years and all his claims of being guided by faith are just pure politics, and that just under the surface is a diehard Nietzsche reader. Obama has given absolutely no indication of this… if anything, he’s gone further than he needs to in touting his faith credentials (whether because he really feels it’s that important or is trying for “crossover"). The closest he’s ever come to an atheist-ish statement is the “Clutching their guns and Bibles” insult, but even then, it’s still a pretty big stretch to think that he’s just covering up a complete disbelief in any kind of God or spirituality. And yet, because people are just so desperate for some of that Hope and Change…

(Kinda ironic, when you think about it, huh?)

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