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Gotta know your enemy

I’m confused about this whole healthcare debate.

What are the arguments of the proponents of a public plan?

It seems to depend on who you ask. On the one hand you have Obama and his crew arguing that reform will help reduce costs and increase efficiency, notions that the CBO has thoroughly stomped into submission. On the other hand you have liberal commentators like Rachel Maddow taking a more moralistic approach.

The tone of the discussion is interesting. The need for a healthcare system that we can “be proud of” and is no longer “immoral,” - all of it adds to my suspicion (a suspicion that many liberals will deny) that this whole reform movement is really just another massive welfare project. It isn’t about improving quality and controlling costs, but about helping the poor and the uninsured by fleecing tax payers and compelling coverage. What I also notice, not just from Maddow, is the lack of substantive arguments in favor of the actual proposals offered by Obama and the democrats in congress. After stomaching several of her and other commentator videos on youtube, the pattern I have seen is that instead the left wants to focus on why republicans and conservatives are fighting reform. They prefer to make insinuations about the motives of the opposition and paint them one way or another rather than elucidate on the rightness of their own ideas.

Notice how important it is to Elizabeth Edwards to tell Americans to tune out critics who mention Canada, Britain, or the word socialism, three terms that have a great deal of bearing on the current debate. Just as Lowry’s quote from my last post pointed out, this debate has much broader implications than simply what sort of healthcare system we adopt. Rather it is a political battle about the fundamental role of government. Once we allow that it is government’s place to dictate healthcare standards and practices for all Americans, there will be little else we can argue that the government ought not do. In comparison to the quest to win such a crucial issue as that, the debate over policy details is almost irrelevant; it’s small potatoes compared to the Pandora’s box that will be unleashed if Obama gets his way.

Much of the left already knows this and is going to great pains to make sure the American public does not catch on, swamping the public discussion with phrases like “necessary reforms” to make the issue seem less consequential than it is. We cannot let them get away with this. Rather than being just a political fight (which we may lose with the democrats in power) the American people need to be reminded of the exact nature of what nationalized healthcare means, all that is at stake, and what they stand to lose.

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