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Do what they tell you…

And so it begins. Here is a glimpse into the new healthcare system we are going to get. First they will come for those that smoke and they can call fat - watch for the obesity threshold to come down to near anorexic levels too - to get their “cost savings”. These people, which literally can translate to everyone as we all are potential smokers or obese people, will be treated as nothing less than lepers. Government will have harsh rules they must obey or they will be massively punished, first through excessive taxation, and eventually by being labeled as unclean. Many will nod in agreement as these people become second class. After all, these idiots brought it upon themselves. If they could just leave the smokes and the food alone, then there would be no problem. Then they will find new categories of sub people. The elderly, the mentally challenged, the wrong religion or ideology, the wrong race. See this is not new. It has happened before. Back in the 1930s there was an entire culture based on the uber mensh, and those that did not meet the uber mensh standard, were treated as cattle. In fact, they even created a hated class they could blame all the problems on, and then actively pursued their extermination. Have no doubt that we have elite fascists in charge right now, and that when they talk “hope & change”, that this is where the whole thing is going to lead us. I am sure one could invoke the Godwin law if one didn’t want to actually have to debate the fact that once government owns healthcare it no longer will be a right unless you are one of the chosen.

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