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Finally terrorism needs to be fought!

It seems that now that the left is in charge terrorism is no longer a scare tactic by the evil right to divert attention and whip up support for expansionist empire or war in general, but worthy of a “collective fight”. Collectivists admitting collective ideas aside, it is nice to see them finally join the rest of us that saw the threat from terrorism way back when. Yeah, I am being facetious and know damn well that the change of heart isn’t because they suddenly see the threat, but because now they are in charge and will be blamed if the terrorists kill people. I wonder if they pine for the days where all they did was just question everything, attribute it to evil motives, and undermine the people in charge, now that they are the ones responsible for preventing another attack. Then again, this is Janet Napolitano, and she could be talking about those evil right wing terror groups her people warned us about - the ones that are accused of racism and hate for the black guy in the WH, as well as people in general, all because they and not feel that bankrupting the US in order to recreate the USSR here is a good deal - the real terrorists that have told us repeatedly that they mean to convert or kill us all. Even Holder now admits we have home grown radicals, but doesn’t elaborate on that much. At least the left now finally is no longer promoting the usual bull and admitting terrorism is a real problem. I wonder why they only seem to care about our security and well being when they have power though. And I wonder if others notice that as well.

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