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The Best of Lee:  Nominations

Soon after we lost Lee, Jim came up with the idea of a “Best of Lee” segment, an occasional reposting of some of Lee’s more brilliant writings.  We’d like to try this out soon.  So use this thread to make nominations—any post that you think would be worth bringing up again.  Permalink URL’s are great, but even just a “I loved that post where Lee made fun of Sean Penn while he was in Iran” would be useful.

Update: from JimK

My thanks to Hal for this...I’ve been sort of putting RTFTLC in a box on the shelf, so to speak, because it’s really hard to deal with, even still. I think I got through those first few weeks based on nothing more than shock and a sense of wanting to hold the community together. Obviously since then I have been slacking as well as getting ready to go back to school (at age 39!), and you guys have been carrying the RTFTLC water admirably. SO...first of all thank you to all the writers and commenters and even you lurking readers. BTW, comment, you lurkers. I see you there.  Speak up! :)

Secondly, I think that this is so very Lee to do...keep the memory going by finding the best and funniest (which were often also the dirtiest) shit he wrote and laughing heartily at one of the world’s great personalities.  I will spend some time this weekend combing archives for my personal faves to nominate.

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