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There’s dumb and then there’s California dumb:

A key legislative committee in California revived a bill Thursday to create a government-run health care system in the nation’s most populous state, two days after Massachusetts elected a senator who opposes the president’s national health care plan.

The Senate Appropriations Committee released the bill for a vote by the full Senate next week. The legislation had been held over from last year because of the state’s ongoing budget crisis.

Creating a single-payer system would cost California an estimated $210 billion in its first year. That’s roughly double the size of the total state budget, but about what the state and federal government and residents cumulatively spend now on California health care, said Sen. Mark Leno.

Leno, D-San Francisco, introduced the bill after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger twice vetoed similar legislation. The Republican governor negotiated his own $14.7 billion health care reform bill with Democratic leaders two years ago, only to see the measure fail in a Senate committee amid concerns over paying for the measure.

Leno’s bill would create a commission to decide how to pay for the system, at a cost this year of more than $1 million.

My jaw is on the floor here.  We have a state that has been bankrupted by spending, that has raised taxes to the point of driving their tax base away to more hospital environment, like 6000 feet under the Pacific and that is still $20 billion in deficit.  Now they want to put in place a $210 fucking billion socialized medicine program.  And they don’t know how to pay for it.  They want a commission to figure that out.

California.  You are doomed.  Will the last working person in the State please notify the unemployment office?

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