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If a private company did..

This, the government would screw them over. What’s the “this” in this case?

The Department of Health Care Services said Monday it has breached the privacy of 49,352 people who receive adult day-care services from the state. The department said that letters it mailed a week ago to 49,352 Medi-Cal beneficiaries wrongly included each patient’s Social Security number on their address labels. The department said the security incident took place Feb. 1, but it was only told about it on Thursday. It started to notify the 49,352 beneficiaries about the problem over the weekend.

I worked in the health insurance industry and such a mistake by a private company could cost them as much as $250K per incident. How are the bureaucrats in Cali reacting to their gross incompetence?

“At this point, there is no evidence that unauthorized parties have acquired or accessed beneficiary personal information,” the department said in a prepared statement. DHCS officials said they regretted the breach, which has so far cost the state $50,000. It blamed itself and a private vendor for the problem mailings.

These people will be lucky if they get a free credit report, and considering Cali’s financial situation, I would not be surprised the state tries to make money of this mistake. Of course, the big lesson here is that these are the people that the left wants you to believe will do a better job running our healthcare too. I am sure they can also pawn the blame off on some unamed “vendor” when they hose us over.

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