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Greeks mad at Germans for not bailing them out..

I can’t believe the many levels of irony wrapped up in the Greek anger at the German refusal to bail the m out. Literally class warfare at its best! The poor Greek are now angry at the rich and well off Germans for not feeling obligated to save them from decades of their own mistakes, mismanagement, and misfortunes. And this is going on in collectivist Europe! Greece is broke, but because it is part of the EU, it can’t simply use the old standby of the pre EU days, and devalue its currency. So the other EU states demanded austerity measures. Germany’s leaders which just recently upped the retirement age from 65 to 67, in large part to address the unsustainable costs of the nanny state and the looming fiscal disaster, simply decided that handing the Greeks, whom can retire at 61 and were refusing to even go along and only promising (one that they would not keep I bet) to do something around 2015 by going to the hard age of 63, a wad of cash was not going to be well received by the German voters, and decided to put their foot down. And that pissed of the Greeks.

The Greeks feel that the greedy damned Germans don’t want to do their civic duty and pony up cash. Conversely the Germans are pissed that the lazy Greeks just want to make them pay for their sweet life. You have the Greeks – whom aren’t very well known for any kind of work ethic and love to party – angry at the Germans for not wanting to subsidize their ride. Where have we seen this before? I mean, is this hilarity or what? This kind of economic model was doomed from the start, but the evil ones are the ones that do not feel obligated to part with the fruits of their labor for whatever sad story the other side wants to use to keep the cushy life. If we were not heading the same way, this would be classic comedy. As for the future of the EU? My guess is the Euro goes bye-bye soonish. The Greeks are not interested in changing the way things are. The better off Euroepean countries are drawing the line because if they do this for Greece now they will have to do it for Portugal, Spain, Ireland, maybe Italy, and sooner than later Greece again. The end result is the same though: sooner than later the golden goose dies off, or cuts off the parasites feasting on it.


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