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Ever getting more desperate to lay blame on everything but the failures of the collectivist ideology and the stupidity of those that actually think they can make the wealth redistribution scheme work, we now have Zapatero in Spain -another one of the collectivist hell-holes in Europe that after the Madrid bombing took a turn for the worst, abandoned the changes instituted by the previous administration to reverse the damage done by dumb collectivist economics, and destroyed its economy in the process - blaming, hold your horses cause this is a doozy, the Anglo-Saxon media?

Socialist Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has ordered Spain’s official intelligence agency, the National Intelligence Center (CNI), to investigate whether the “Anglo-Saxon media” (aka English-language press) is conspiring to undermine the Spanish economy. According to the center-left newspaper El País, which is close to the Zapatero government, the CNI is investigating “whether attacks by investors and the aggressiveness of some Anglo-Saxon media are being driven by market forces and challenges facing the Spanish economy, or whether there is something more behind this campaign.” In recent weeks, the UK-based Financial Times newspaper and the Economist magazine, as well as some publications in the United States, have all published stories that have been highly critical of the economic policies being pursued by the Zapatero government.

Let me get this straight. The Spanish PM has sicked the Spanish intelligence service on the Anglo-Saxon media, in particular the financial media, for having the temerity to point out that the Spanish economy is a basket case due to the collectivist policies that simply are unsustainable? Where are the calls of fascism from the left on this? Cause you can’t get more fascist than concocting a phony conspiracy for the reason your economic practices fail and then using the power of the state to make it look like you actually have a case. I am sure the Spanish are now all feeling better that their PM has figured out who to go after while the unsustainable collectivist house of cards implodes around them. If you dig a little deeper though you find out what the problem really is.

Spain now faces the prospect of a downgrade of its government debt, which would make it more expensive for Spain to finance its debt. Indeed, investors anxious that a debt crisis in Greece could create a domino effect in Spain are already demanding higher interest rates to hold Spanish debt. As a result, the Zapatero government is working overtime to try to reassure debt markets that it will quickly return to fiscal prudence

We once talked about the domino effect when addressing the expansion of collectivism in the form of communism. The left hated that then, and has done its best to discredit the idea, or the danger posed by said communist expansion. The bad guy was always the west for fighting it. Communism was no threat at all! It is hilarious, at least to me, that we are now seeing a similar terminology applied to the collapse of another collectivist ideology that has crippled the western world. If man would but learn the lesson that stealing from those that produce to buy privilege and power through the redistribution of the ill gotten gains, all under the guise of helping the less well off, is a recipe for disaster, we would have a chance. Of course, with the left hell bent on doing the damage no matter the resistance, we might just be doomed no matter what. Maybe Obama can blame the economic implosion he is presiding over on Bush too....


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