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Things to ponder about our impending government healthcare takeover

I did not watch that 7+ hour freakshow that the democrats were hoping to use as a vehicle to paint the republicans as evil “no sayers” with no ideas or plans on healthcare with the help of the usual suspects in their controlled MSM – while anyone that had the ability to navigate a web browser and Google could see these donkeys were full of it – and I am glad I didn’t waste my time. The democrats pretended to care and to want bipartisanship, only they meant by bipartisanship that the republicans should do what they wanted and be happy about it. The leftist twits are now threatening reconciliation – a process that has never been used in the way they intend to abuse it, but we are talking about the party of the end justifies the means after all here – despite the public objection to this debacle. It is now or never and all or nothing with these fools. And they are continuing to pretend that they are doing it to help the country and the people economically, while also providing care to all those poor people that can’t afford it. How noble, but al bullshit. The end game still is to have government literally take over and control 1/5th of our economy. Not to mention get the power over life and death decisions. Fun stuff, but I want to talk about the cost to us tax payers.

Here is a little tid-bit that the Obamacare healthcare takeover by big government plan that the democrats are still pushing on us, despite the obvious fact the thing is hated (they know what’s better for us rubes!), that we all should keep in mind every time these retards running the country right now tell us their plan will save us money in the long run: they are going to tax us for 10 years to provide us with 6 years of DMV style government controlled healthcare.

That’s right. They will start taxing us the moment the ink dries on that 2400 or 2600 page – depending if it is the Senate or House version of the government healthcare takeover bill – monstrosity, but we will not see a single benefit for 4 years. After that, they will tightly control what we can get and when too. To keep costs down, you know.

So I guess, as I was thinking this out, I was truck by the question “what happens after the next 10 years?”. Do they then stop providing 4 years of services at the end of the 10 years, while they continue to tax us, and then pick it back up and, offer services for the next 6 like they did in the first iteration? Rinse and repeat the same cycle going forward? Yeah, I know. I am just being a dick, but I am pointing out the obvious: only a moron believes that this plan will save the country any money, let alone break even, and only craven liars would say so. Considering how good these democrats are at the truth however, one can’t be surprised. And I will go on a limb and make the prediction that even after they have collected 4 years of taxes before they allow us to get a single benefit, it won’t take more than a year or 18 months for this thing to be in the red, and by the end of the next 6 years it will have cost us at least twice as much as the Obamanauts are now saying it will.

We all know that they will not stop providing services for 4 out of the 10 years they will tax us. So, in the end, this thing is going to force them to look for some more cost cutting measures. That’s when you get the long Canadian-style waiting periods, and the soon to come European-style age limits at which the doctors will simply tell you the cost vs. the return isn’t worth it, and that you the patient should go make sure you have your funeral plans put together. But that’s not going to be able to address the cost of “free healthcare”. So what we will get is more deficit spending and taxes levied on us all. And then maybe sooner than later, the same destiny as Greece is currently going through. Don’t worry. Once we become a two bit Marxist state, we can all be equally as miserable. That is, unless we are lucky enough to be one of the elite. Unfortunately too many morons think they are going to be part of that elite group, but as history has shown, these kind of elite like their groups small and tight. What’s even more saddening is the large group of losers that are content with crap simply because it means others can do no better either. That’s social justice in a nutshell for ya.


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