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All The Sex That’s Fit To Silence

Don’t know if you caught the latest update on Loud British Sex Woman:

Nightmare neighbour Caroline Cartwright who was given a sex Asbo to prevent noisy sessions has been arrested after failing to keep the lid on her lovemaking.

Mrs Cartwright avoided jail in January when a judge at Newcastle Crown Court handed her a suspended prison sentence after she was caught breaching a four-year Asbo which bans her from having loud sex sessions.

But two months after her court case Caroline, of Hall Road, Washington, is said to be at it again and has been arrested by police and hauled before magistrates.

The 49-year-old has now been thrown back into a bail hostel to keep her and husband Steve apart while the courts decide what to do next.

I would suggest reading the article but it has a picture of Noisy Sex Woman and ... well, you don’t want to think about that.  But, according to her, they moved the bed downstairs, had sex for ten minutes and the neighbors called the cops.  They used to have sex for two hours a day.

A few random thoughts:

1) Maybe I’m reaching here, but it sounds like the neighbors had their ears pressed to the wall, waiting to here these people go at it.  The occasional ten minutes of sex, even noisy sex, doesn’t sound too bad to me.  When I lived in apartments, I had neighbors I would gladly trade in for that.

2) Maybe I’m stereotyping.  Or just jealous.  But if these people were having two hour sex marathons every day, I’m guessing they were not the most employed people in the world.  So we’re seeing both sides of the Nanny State at work here.

3) I have a solution to this problem: move these people to America.  Here they will get all the free healthcare and subsidized housing the want, but with none of encroachment of judges.  The worst that will happen is the occasional YouTube upload.

In fact, that should be our motto to encourage immigration: America.  All of the welfare.  None of the Asbos.

Update: In other British Sex News, an airport worker is in trouble for using one of the new scanning machines to take a gander at his busty co-worker’s assets.  The abuse of these machines is something that I’m sure no one could have foreseen, of course.

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