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Fighting the Good Fight

I defy anyone—especially anyone who has lost or is danger of losing a job—to watch this video and not get enraged.

There is no sense of solidarity with the state here.  In a way, I admire the woman saying, “give me money”.  At least she’s honest.  She’s not cloaking her greed in self-righteous rhetoric.

It’s this relentless demagoguery, enabled by a compliant media, that has paralyzed efforts to cut spending.  It’s so effective that anyone who opposes it is political fodder.  Chris Christie, for example polling in the 30’s.

(Inspiring moment for me—Christie doesn’t give a shit about the polls.  He’s determined to save the state of New Jersey despite itself.  More of this, please.)

This is only going to get uglier.  When even modest budget cuts and spending freezes are met with the kind of hysteria, you can imagine what might happen when the budget axe really comes down.

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