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You can’t sell them, but government can take it…

You or I don’t have the right to sell our organs (or parts of them), but in a brilliant display of what the progressives stand for, New York State Assemblyman Richard Brodsky - a demcorat, and a damned liberal one while you are at it since camouflages his party affiliation - now wants to use the power of government to take them. You can’t make this shit up. These morons not only balk at anyone proposing people be allowed to decide if they want to sell their organs – they will take advantage of the poor! – but accuse such people of being motivated by evil greed. WTF is the motivation that drives this kind of pond scum to think government can then simply take them? Even if I am dead they are mine and my families, not the governments! Is this idiotic idea more logical devolution of where Obamacare is taking us all to?


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