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Greece On the Brink

Greece seems to determined to bite the hand that is feeding them.  The rest of the EU is tightening their belts to try to keep Greece from completely collapsing under their debt.  The condition on this bailout is that they have to, you know, get their fucking house in order.  The results has been an explosion of protests and violence that have now left three dead on the eve of the austerity vote.  More protests are planned for today.

I have no idea of the macroeconomic implications.  But if I were a resident of Germany of France, I’d be very tempted to just cut Greece lose.  Let them spiral down into debt and inflation if that’s what they want.  It’s quite clear that decades of generous government benefits have spoiled her people rotten and given them the illusion that money grows on trees.  If this austerity package is rejected, then let them eat baklava.

Update: Michael Moynihan draws the obvious comparison.  Violent and deadly protests in Greece are regarded as more legitimate than peaceful protests here.  Moynihan clearly does not understand the morality in play.  Anything is acceptable when you’re protesting in favor of more government; nothing is acceptable when you’re protesting against it.

Update: Read this article about just how bad things are.  Hairdressers in Greece can retire at 50.  Because their job is “hazardous”.  Also check out the infographic on the left.  See how many countries have obligations that are anywhere from 3 to 15 times their GDP.

There’s a generational war coming.  And I feel like the Baby Boomers are going to screw us all.  Again.

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