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The Perfect Storm

I don’t think I’ve ever done a “If Bush Was President When This Happened” post, but this is one of those rare times when a confluence of events occur which compels such an observation.

Within the span of two weeks, we’ve had:

an environmental catastrophe on the Gulf Coast;

protests for civil liberties combined with ethnic tribalism in response to Arizona’s new illegal immigration law, in conjunction with a proposal for a national biometric ID card;

massive flooding in Tennessee that’s left at least 29 people dead;

a car-bombing attempt in Times Square that only failed because the terrorist was too incompetent to wire the explosives correctly;

a potential global financial meltdown in the making;

the stock market boomerang 600 points and back in the span of 30 minutes;

and the death of a bill to audit the Fed in the Senate.

Now just imagine that Bush was President if these things happened all at once.  I think it’s beyond dispute that Kos, Matthew Yglesias, John Cole, Paul Krugman, and every other leftist hack would be calling for impeachment, investigations, and frog-marches of everyone and anyone connected with the administration if all these things happened at once (and Republican shills would be finding endless excuses for all these things, too).  The media would be wall-to-wall with stories asking “why doesn’t the President DO SOMETHING about this?”

Does anyone honestly believe that if Obama was a Republican, he wouldn’t be getting hammered about all this, even in the situations that are largely beyond his control?  For god’s sake, the US just participated in the bailout of Greece through its 17% stake in the IMF--what would Senator Obama have said in a situation where the American taxpayer became partially responsible for bailing out foreign banks?

Yes, that last question is rhetorical.

There’s little point in having a federal government structure in place that isn’t safeguarding the interests of its citizens or taking responsibilty for the powers granted it by the Constitution.  Obama said during his inauguration speech that government needs to work better for its people, but he’s shown during his time in office that he is largely incapable of showing the kind of leadership people expect when the shit hits the fan. 

The truly pathetic aspect of all this?  The Stupid Party doesn’t really have anyone that could do appreciably better.  This is the end game that the offal of the post-WW2 generations has produced for us.

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