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It seem that our good friend, Hugo Chavez, has decided to take more control of his nation economy. Using the old saw of the poor against the rich bankers, he has launched raids against brokerages who were trading in the local currency and American dollars. It seem that Chavez, is closing down the competition to the Central Bank of Venezuela. 
How long till someone in the international community stand up and denounces this socialist dictator?
Oh, wait, what was i thinking?

From DC this heart warming tale of Free Condoms, has some in a uproar. It seems that the budget condoms that they were handing out were just not good enough for those that were receiving them.  Students in DC have demanded the pricier name brand Trojans, and the District has acceded to their demands.
O.k. now i do not have a problem with condoms being handed out at school, but what galls me is that this program is also running at the university too! Adults, voting age, drinking age, adults Cant fucking go buy their own condoms. In a time of economic hardship, im sure that the school system has the extra cash to go and buy the “blingier” condom. 
fuck it…

The investigation into AIG, has been dropped. I have to wonder what the fuck is really going on here, they did not find anything or did they? \

In other crimes, a fund-raiser for both Clinton and Obama was nailed for fraud. No lets just pretend that He was a fund-raiser for Bush and Cheney, and imagine the media and political reaction.

Now this is gonna sound like a gun nut rant, but this reversal of a Bush era policy is worrying to me. Now yes this Arms Trade Treaty is designed to control and regulate the arms market, you know to keep the guns and ammo out of the hands of bad guys. Now for my part, from what i have read, this would allow the Fed Gov more power to control what is being imported into this nation, such as Arms and Ammo. I fully expect that this will be used to block importation of cheap ammo from nations like Russia and Turkey. Better stock up guys.

Oh and another thing, i cant find my link to it but is seem that the Obama administration is toughly pissed off at BP and looking to remove them from the capping operation is some success is not made soon. BP has one hell of a clusterfuck going on down there, and the lack of progress, is pissing everyone off. I for one am not confident that the FED GOV would do the job any better, but we will see.


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