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Show trial quietly dropped…

Remember all the feigned anger by the donkeys in charge at AIG, for those big bonuses they got Dodd to sign off on, after they took bailout money, back when? Well, as I predicted, all the hoopla and accusations and investigations of evil capitalists running amok and stealing from us, turned to be bull, and now the case has been dropped:

The criminal probe had focused on whether Joseph Cassano, who ran the financial products unit, and Andrew Forster, his deputy, knowingly misled investors about the company’s accounting losses on its credit default swaps portfolio. “Although a 2-year, intense investigation is tough for anyone, the results are wholly appropriate in light of our client’s factual innocence,” F. Joseph Warin and Jim Walden, Cassano’s lawyers, said in a statement.

Of course, if there was any justice we would be getting an investigation into the role Dodd and other demcorats played in this big pay-off scam, that diverted hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars to private industry, and which these demcorats still continue to pretend is all Bush’s making, when anyone that has been paying attention can figure out quickly that they have far surpassed the original $350 billion - which was already $350 billion too much - Bush asked for, but we all know that’s never going to happen.

Speaking of justice, when are we going to have an impartial investigation of and regulation of Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae? Want to know why we are in this economic mess? Demcorats and those two institutions play key and front & center roles. Instead we get tons of show trials, where haughty demcorats accuse evil capitalists of being the incarnation of Satan himself, and capitalism the cause of all our ills, while the vile truth and their own criminal behavior gets a pass. It’s not a coincidence that big companies donate the lion share of their cash to demcorats.

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