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Opposite Videos, Same Party

Two videos for you this morning. The first is more “common sense porn” from Chris Christie. Refreshingly, people are asking him tough questions about his budget cuts. And even more refreshingly, he’s defending them.

Incidentally, Red State claims that the teacher in question makes $86k. Assuming they’re correct, that sounds pretty reasonable to me.

It’s amazing to watch a politician tell the simple truth: we’re out of money. No one likes cutting budgets, but responsible politicians have to do it.  That’s why they get elected.

In a similar vein, but an opposite direction, we have this video from J. Gresham Barrett, defending his support of TARP.

And you know what? I like this one too.  Barrett isn’t crawling away from his vote.  He’s saying that he made an unpopular decision because he thought it was necessary.

(TARP was something I was initially ambivalent on.  I didn’t like bailing out banks but it’s easy to forget how spooked the markets were and how close we came to a complete meltdown.  At least one money market fund had “broken the buck” and others were teetering.  I do think it should have been smaller and should have mandated firings at companies that took the money.  I also think the fund has been relentlessly abused by both administrations to bail out the auto companies, for example.  But while I still think the initial vote was wrong, I don’t think it’s indefensible.)

In any case, I’m slowly getting less pessimistic about the direction this country is headed.  Both of these videos show politicians responding to voter anger, even if they are responding to it in opposite ways.  We are being heard.

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