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DADT Fallout

Well, it’s getting close to official. The House voted last night to allow the military to rescind Don’t Ask Don’t Tell if they deem it appropriate. Only a handful of Republicans voted for it, one of whom was Ron Paul, who is frequently smeared as a crazy extremist lunatic (that link is a must-read, BTW). Paul has previously supported DADT, but changed his mind:

“I have received several calls and visits from constituents who, in spite of the heavy investment in their training, have been forced out of the military simply because they were discovered to be homosexual,” Paul said Friday. “To me, this seems like an awful waste. Personal behavior that is disruptive should be subject to military discipline regardless of whether the individual is heterosexual or homosexual. But to discharge an otherwise well-trained, professional, and highly skilled member of the military for these reasons is unfortunate and makes no financial sense.”

Needless to say, this does not represent the mainstream of the GOP.  Fortunately, most of them are being reasonable about it, to some extent. There are some fringe groups who are claiming that gay blood will contaminate the army (army personnel are screened for HIV) and others who claim it will mean soldiers getting gay raped. But then again, these guys think the Nazis were gay, so they’re not exactly in Earth orbit.

But the bulk of the GOP are sticking with the “it will disrupt the ranks” meme. That’s not an unreasonable view, even if, in my opinion, it’s an incorrect one.

We’ll see what the Pentagon’s assessment is.  I expect they’ll go ahead and repeal it.  We simply don’t have enough soldiers to go turning perfectly suitable ones out of the ranks.

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