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The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it - Henry David Thoreau

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Heh, that’s what is gripping the left as November comes. Just a measly 2 years after they swept the elections and declared the end of the conservative movement and the new age of progressive big government “Hope & Change” bullshit, we are staring at an election where they are going to be slaughtered. The American people are in a foul mood now that they have figured out what the progressives promised them when they spoke of “Hope & Change” was that they would make all of us equally destitute and beholden to the big state for anything & everything. People are losing their jobs and their homes at record rates. The dollar is tanking, and inflation and a massive trade deficit are surging. This is what the new most ethical and promising congress/administration ever has begotten us. Blame Bush, doesn’t work anymore. Some might still believe the problems are Bush’s fault, but 2 years of “Demcorats gone wild” should dissuade all but the most illogical and insane libs of that idiotic notion. these kinds of gimmicks. Even the threat of repercussions from big government no longer can contain the fact that what we have gotten from the donkeys is is unaffordable.

So now comes David Brooks whom in this NYT article decries the fact big government is breaking everything. Brooke’s decries the fact that:

Both sides are right. But what nobody seems to be asking is: Why are important projects now unaffordable? Decades ago, when the federal and state governments were much smaller, they had the means to undertake gigantic new projects, like the Interstate Highway System and the space program. But now, when governments are bigger, they don’t.

Here is the simple answer: governments in the past did not try to do the kind of moronic things the progressives now have straddled them with. We can predict the cost of a road, a dam, or a space program, and clearly measure the success or failure of these. Yeah, even when you factor in all the roadblocks by government and organized labor. But government can not solve poverty, especially when the goal posts move constantly, make healthcare available to everyone while making it cheaper at the same time, provide for retirement with a Ponzi scheme it denies others the ability to use and even sends them to jail for trying, or have inefficient government be the enforcer of social justice, just to name a few. Not only has progressive government become an obstruction to economic freedom and growth, it has taken on impossible “feel good” bullshit tasks that can’t be done. Not even with all the money in the world.

All progressives and their schemes can give us is equality of misery. Well, for the shlobs. The elite will, as always, manage, and thrive, and the big problem is that the progressives’ voting base, the same one that is so stupid to ask why people that should obviously vote for demcorats vote against their interests when demcocrats are against their interest, still all believe they can be part of that lucky elite. History be damned.

So now we are back at the crossroads. The American people have been shown what the progressives are really about. Incompetence, lies, outright theft, and all the class, race, and gender warfare in the world isn’t enough to create enough smoke & mirrors to confuse the majority of voters. People are wising up. Even Brooks isn’t smart enough to see the problem is progressive ideology and government. Those blinders sure suck, and pretending that the fix is for big government to do what’s anathema to it, is laughable. Good luck come November fools!

Update: More Panic!!!1!!

WASHINGTON—A late effort by Democrats to match record fund raising by conservative organizations has come up short, leaving the party more reliant than usual on the campaign efforts of labor unions.

The only people still giving to demcorats are unions and the usual beholden corporations that have not been totally abused by these crooks & liars.


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