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Finally! The day of reckoning is here. Today we get to actually vote and respond to our masters that have screwed everything up the last 2 years, and now find themselves making excuses galore. From declaring the opposition political party the real enemy – explains why these fools feel conservatives are far more dangerous than muslim fanatics hell bent on enslaving us all – and then back tracking to avoid this revelation from being made to the American people to Keynesian voodoo economics that have destroyed our future, the left now finds itself looking at a pummeling of epic proportions

As has always been the case, I expect the left to not realize the issue and problem wasn’t that Americans missed what they wanted to do, but that Americans saw clearly what the left wanted, and responded in disgust. The left won big in 2008 because Americans were not very happy with the fiscal irresponsibility of the Bush years and the constant negativity from the left. The last two years, I have to point out, were exacerbated by the massive spending from the democrat controlled house. Coupled with the economic collapse - created by the still unaddressed ludicrous policy of forcing lending institutions to give money to bad risks, under the misguided notion everyone should own a home, and then even going so far as accusing anyone pointing out this policy was a recipe for failure of being motivated by racism, and a policy of shielding Freddie and Fannie from any regulation so they can keep using them to launder more of these bad loans – people simply decided that the guy offering “Hope & Change” meant he was going to make things better. The left basically campaigned on how much more fiscally responsible and better for the economy they would be. Some of us saw through the whole charade, but way too many people, fatigued by the 24/7 negativity that followed the 2000 elections, didn’t

The donkeys won, and then promptly forgot all of that fiscal responsibility and economic growth stuff, and went back to their core beliefs that collectivism, despite the fact that it has failed, often miserably, when tried anywhere, if done by them, was the answer. Trillions of tax payer dollars were distributed to operatives, lobbyists, friends, and donors - be they corporations getting big TARP outlays, Unions getting entire companies bought for them, or stimulus money that only ended up keeping public sector jobs safe for another year – often with the goal of collecting big come campaign time., but unemployment kept going up while the economy kept going south. The ‘It’s Bush’s fault” meme which had worked so well, became such a shield to hide behind, that the collectivists decided restraints and logic was not warranted. Thus they embarked on the most ambitious and drastic remaking of America since the Roosevelt days, ignoring the economic reality and expectations of their constituents – people wanted jobs and big government can not deliver that – and going for broke.

Where to begin? Government took over control of healthcare, under the guise of fixing it and making it cheaper, after the most disgusting display of tax payer financed buy-offs, ramming this thing down our throats and telling us we had to pass it to find out what was in it, only to then deliver a heaping pile of shit that will drastically lower quality of care and massively increase cost of us all. The manipulations an shell games played to make it look like this takeover was going to save money while not drain our coffers at an alarming pace were astounding. There was more. Congress kept increasing TARP outlays while the demcorats kept badmouthing & blaming Wall Street. Of course they kept doing this because they knew darn well that they had to. A tax payer bailout was part of the original deal made so long ago to make lending institutions pretend risky loans weren’t that risky and loan money to people that would then run a huge risk of defaulting. And that 2000 page Wall Street regulation bill? Left Freddie & Fannie free & clear of any real change or supervision, while making the government’s ability to choose winners & losers, instead of the market and the consumers, a given. Don’t be surprised we see another economic meltdown tied to home ownership because of the scam these donkeys pulled off. We all know that the only thing the near trillion dollar stimulus bill stimulated was bigger government and the demcorats’ campaign coffers. We tax payers now supposedly own GM, but the only people benefitting from that are the union bosses. At least they got that small payoff for the millions they have been sinking into the doomed democrat campaigns. No wonder the membership is demanding accountability. Then there are things like “Cap & Tax” or illegal immigration – which was nothing more than an attempt to reward the law breakers with citizenships so the demcorats can get more voters - which were only dropped after they squandered all their goodwill feeding us that healthcare takeover turd sandwich. A complicit media went along with all the lies. And now that the American people have said they have had enough left is pissed, desperate, and poised to lose. So pissed, desperate, and whiney that they are eating their own.

I am rooting for Nancy, Harry, and Franks, in particular to go down in flames. They not only deserve it: the country does after the rape they perpetrated on us. The left and the MSM will try to spin tonight’s results in favor of the left no matter what. Stories about fraud will be ignored, unless of course they can blame republicans, and army of lawyers will fight any closely contested races. It is all but a given that the House will go to the republicans, despite the massive spending by the demcorats, in every one’s mind. The Senate is still a toss up, but I wouldn’t be surprised that goes to them too. We the people have had enough of the collectivists and their policies. The winners will have a tough task ahead of them, but they can begin by rolling back Obamacare and cutting all that pork in government. 2012 will come sooner than they think, and if they don’t clean up the mess, they can join the demcorats in the unemployment line.

VOTE! (No, not often, not if you are dead, and not if you were bussed in and paid to vote for a certain party). The country needs a fresh start.


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