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How not to admit your guy sucks 101..

Claim the job of the President of the United States of America is too big for just one man to do! Because admitting you helped elect a novice, without any real world experience and a head full of stupid collectivist bullshit – which always will fail as soon as people that push this dumb ideology run out of other people’s money to steal – that also surrounded himself with like minded nincompoops, isn’t really the reason that he sucks at the job. Even the idiot whose intelligence they made fun of for 8 years straight, and then blamed for everything they could find or make wrong anywhere, to help this new genius community organizer be elected, didn’t have that problem. Go figure. Talk about dumbing down taken to a new level. I bet so many in the media are now having regrets, because they pushed this guy that then did what they wanted and promptly made them and everything they believe in look bad by showing it doesn’t work. So now, we basically have to say America is ungovernable, and the presidency is just to big a job for one man. What a joke. This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.


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