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As I expected, the public courts system drops the ball

When the Obama team took over and huffed and puffed about how much more nobler they were than their predecessors - because they would treat enemy combatants like common criminals and put them through our court system instead of evil military tribunals, in my opinion because they wanted to paint the use said tribunals as something Machiavellian in nature to score cheap political points with people that have a hard time with the fact that things like this practically always fail to work in the real world as well as we would like them too – I predicted trouble. I was especially astounded by Holders nonchalant claim that he was certain that they would be able to get real and meaningful convictions against these terrorists. Well, at the risk of again saying “I told you so”, we have the results of the first such trial proving me right.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The first court conviction of a Guantanamo Bay detainee did little to push President Barack Obama closer to shuttering the island prison, making it increasingly likely his campaign promise will remain unmet by the time his current term expires. Jurors in New York City on Wednesday convicted Ahmed Ghailani of conspiracy to blow up government buildings in the al-Qaida attacks on two U.S. embassies in 1998, but they acquitted him on more than 280 other charges. He is the only person transferred from Guantanamo Bay for trial since the U.S. began filling the military prison in Cuba eight years ago. Jurors in New York City on Wednesday convicted Ahmed Ghailani of conspiracy to blow up government buildings in the al-Qaida attacks on two U.S. embassies in 1998, but they acquitted him on more than 280 other charges. He is the only person transferred from Guantanamo Bay for trial since the U.S. began filling the military prison in Cuba eight years ago.

While the article goes on to try and put a positive spin on the fact that Ghailani was convicted of the conspiracy charge, and it could possibly can lead to a life sentence, something the judge will have to hand out to avoid more political fall out on the fact that the DOJ was lucky to even get this result, the fact remain that even this small victory was reached by a last minute compromise, as the trail almost resulted in a hung jury. I would love to have the details of how much “compromising” went on to score even this crappy verdict. And I am not the one pointing out the verdict was a pyrrhic victory at best, the DOJ itself does so:

Despite the acquittals, which included murder counts for each of the 224 people killed in the bombings, the Justice Department said it was pleased Ghailani faces up to life in prison and said it would seek that sentence. But senior officials, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss private discussions, conceded that the one-count conviction, combined with big electoral wins for Republicans this month, will make it harder to close the prison. The administration had hoped for an overwhelming conviction to help ease congressional opposition to Obama’s long-stymied plan for moving the detainees to U.S. soil. The administration must notify Congress before any transfer, and Republicans have said they would block such efforts.

Demcorats love failure, as you contrast what they got compared to their mention of “hope” for an overwhelming conviction clearly proves, and this was a real failure. If this was such a win, there wouldn’t be the need to spin this disastrous result as a positive, and this is spin of the worst kind, or the need to blame the republicans for why Gitmo will not be closed. If Obama really wanted Gitmo closed he could have done so the first day he was sworn in. He was unable to do so because he knew there would be consequences and the blame would be squarely on him.

I laugh every timeI hear some idiot in the MSM, the Obama administration, or on the left state that the problem now is that there are nuanced complications preventing them from doing so. I laugh real hard too. Bush was an evil moron and that’s why he had Gitmo. Obama, whom campaigned on how evil the whole concept of Gitmo and military tribunals for these enemy combatants – a term the left refused to allow for these people until they were in charge and the ones that would incur the American people’s anger if these people got away and killed again – was, now can’t close Gitmo, but that’s because this whole enemy combatant trial thing isn’t that simple of a problem to deal with. Don’t take my word for it! Look at their new found wisdom:

Administration officials believe there are only a handful of options for closing Guantanamo Bay:

- Prosecute the detainees. Some, like Ghailani, could face criminal trials. Others could face military commissions. Regardless, the administration wants those trials in the U.S., not at Guantanamo.

- Transfer some prisoners to other countries. Many already have been cleared for release. But Yemeni citizens make up the largest contingent, and the U.S. doesn’t trust Yemen to monitor them if they are released. Two failed airline bombings originating in Yemen in the past year have made such release efforts even more difficult.

- Hold prisoners indefinitely. Top administration officials have said they don’t like the idea but would consider it in some form, if the detainees were held inside the U.S. with some review by courts.

Heh, right. This is just ridiculous. Do they – the Obama people and the MSM - really think that the Bush people didn’t go through the same horrible and excruciating problem of defining their options, all of them bad or worse, and then having to pick the least of them? Is anyone that isn’t blinkered going to be surprised when the Obama team faced with the exact same choices ends up with the same unpalatable solution as that made by the Bush people here? Or is it simply that Obama because claimed he really wanted to close Gitmo during the campaign period, but now that he has to make the decision simply couldn’t find a working solution that makes his not closing Gitmo work, that he is nuanced and gets a pass when Bush was evil for doing the same? I thought so.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who is seen as key to any deal to close Guantanamo, said late Wednesday that he was disappointed with the Ghailani verdict and said the government was endangering the nation “by criminalizing the war.” “We are at war with al-Qaida,” Graham said. “Members of the organization and their associates should be treated as warriors, not common criminals.”

That’s the predicament the left now finds itself in after they politicized the war. All those things they merrily went about accusing the other side of doing out of nefarious reasons, suddenly are causing them heartaches with those of us that aren’t going to simply ignore the fact that their actions, or lack thereof, clearly are in contradiction with their help positions on the subject. Of course, we are never going to get an admission that with a very few exceptions, principled or not these people that really believe so are delusional IMO opinion, they opposed these things out of anything other than political expediency. There is some measure of justice however in the fact that they are reap all the consequences of their wantonly negative and destructive past behavior. In the mean time, the American people should remain vigilant to make sure they don’t simply throw us all under the bus so they can pretend they were right. 

One thing is for certain: they are really going to have to rethink their push to avoid the military tribunals. Unless they are willing to rig the court system to guarantee the results they need, or simply plan to go ahead and ignore the verdict of these courts if they don’t like the result and hold people indefinitely as they have pointed out themselves they would if they fail, that is. In either case I believe that they are engaging in a far greater travesty of justice than they accused the Bush people of. We all lose when they tell us they feel tribunals are a travesty of justice and that it demeans us when they then go ahead and rig the civilian court. And it is far, far worse for those that accused the Bush administration of being evil for holding people indefinitely without a trial, to then turn around and hold people indefinitely after a trail because they didn’t like the result. Don’t expect them to feel bad about it though. These morons have no problem avoiding logic, facts, or truth in their pursuit of their false self image. When you don’t have morals or a conscience, it is far easier for you to accuse others of being evil and excuse yourself for far worse behavior. After all, you meant well, and the others are just the real enemy!


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