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Your Non-Scandals of the Day

First, Sarah Palin:

Sarah Palin is under fire for clubbing a fish to death on her new reality TV show.

The Tea Party darling and her daughter Bristol, 20, were shown on a halibut fishing trip filmed for her new programme, Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

After catching a fish, Sarah is seen beating it with a club and Bristol later holds its still-beating heart in her hand, a sight Sarah called ‘weird’.

Armed and dangerous: Sarah Palin took hold of a club during a fishing trip with her husband which was filmed for her new reality TV series
A spokesperson for animal rights group In Defense Of Animals told TMZ: ‘Sarah Palin’s complete lack of compassion as demonstrated in this snuff video is disgusting.’

The group adds: ‘Most disturbing is the way she seems to enjoy causing suffering to other beings. When they laugh about the beating heart that Bristol holds in her hand, their complete insensitivity to the animal kingdom becomes clear.’

This almost, but not quite, beats out the “Dancing with the Stars” bullshit controversy.* Clubbing a halibut is neither unusual nor cruel.  It’s actually the most humane way to kill them.  And I don’t mean to be insensitive or anything, but it’s fucking fish.  If you want to criticize her grizzly policy of aerial hunting, fine.  But this is how people fish.  If you don’t like it, don’t watch.  I’m reminded of last year’s bullshit controversy in which the media had a fit because Palin gave an interview with turkeys being slaughtered in the background.  Most people understand that eating animals involves killing them.  Why this is an issue?  As Jon Stewart said last week: stop making me feel sorry for the Palins.

(*About the “Dancing with the Stars” thing.  If this ruins and delegitimizes reality TV, then it may be the single greatest thing the Palin family has ever done or ever will.  Honestly, if Barack Obama can win a Nobel Peace Prize for blessing us with his presence, the Palins would deserve one if they can finally show reality TV to be the farce that it is.)

Today’s other faux controversy involves John Conyers reading a playboy on a plane.  I’ll let Allahpundit opine:

As for Conyers’s sin, I’ll give you three mitigating factors. Take ‘em or leave ‘em as you so choose. One: Hey, at least he’s flying commercial. Looking at T&A on a private government jet would be a Roman-esque exercise in elitist indulgence, but looking at T&A while stuck in coach on a major carrier? Why, that’s almost populist. Two: At least he went with something high-end like Playboy. Next time you’re at the airport, have a look at what’s on sale at the newsstand in this particular “genre.” Some of it’s downright scandalous — or, er, so I hear. Three: Dude, he’s 81 years old. He really is reading it for the articles.

Four, if Conyers really is looking at the nudie picks, more power to him.  Viagra willing, he can do that as long as he wants.  I hope I’m still ogling girls at 81.

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