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Must-Screen TV

I’m posting this video that McArdle blogged on.  Like her, I want to see the missing video and hear TSA’s side.  There’s no audio, so we only have the narrator’s commentary to go on.  There a few things that look odd to me and make me doubt that we’re reading the entire story.  Nevertheless, it’s hard to find a reason TSA would put someone in the screening both for so long.  And they do have a history of forgetting their own rules and making it up as they go.

I will say that I have only once had a real problem with TSA and that involved my mother-in-law’s wheelchair.  We’ve gone through with breast milk, medical syringes, multiple laptops and roughly 8,423 tons of baby crap without a problem.  Maybe these are “isolated incidents”.  But it seems that TSA has little accountability right now.  And that is sure to only go down once they are unionized.

I post this mostly to make a prediction.  Very soon, TSA is going to announce that cameras can not be used near security gates and that their own videos can not be requested.  They will site reasons of national security, claiming terrorists could learn how to evade our screening techniques.  But the real reason is that they can not maintain the farce when videos showing their incompetence are leaking out.

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