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Lame duck congress to screw us one last time?

Today our lame duck 111th congress gets back in session. The one led by Pelosi, whom promised transparency, fiscal restraint and responsibility, and a new high in ethical standards. The same one that then promptly set new lows for corrupt practices and law breaking, resorted to demanding bills be passed so we citizens could finally find out what our law makers had straddled us with, engaged in record setting bribery, costing tax payers billions, to buy votes for the government takeover of healthcare, which they still swear will save us tax payers money when it is blatantly obvious the thing will bankrupt us and in the process of doing so reduce both availability and quality to lows that will leave us with something akin to the Cuban system so loved on the left, and in general pissed money away like it was growing on trees. The one where the democrat majority got the worst shellacking in a mid term election, breaking their record losses incurred during the Clinton years.

The main topics? If we should be allowed to keep more of “their” money, a temporary spending bill, more power to the FDA to overregulate food, a school lunch bill to waste more of the tax payer’s money with little result, the horrible START treaty, “Don’t ask, Don’t tell”, and of course, another extension to the unemployment fund.

The Bush tax cuts expire at the end of this year, and the demcorats are still pissed they have not been able to screw the “rich”, which really means stick it to the small business owners trying to get rich, because as we all know, the really rich, which practically always seem to be demcorats, don’t pay taxes. They have accountants to get them out of that, or simply ignore the laws they write for us all. After all, as I already said, they believe it is the government’s money anyway, and we should be grateful they aren’t taking it back across the board! Who cares if this stuff would spur economic growth anyway? All the “enlightened” people know government is the real vehicle to spur economic growth. And if it is not, it should be. Can’t have the market pick the winners and losers, because it isn’t up on all that social justice, green earth, or whatever the feel good term of the day driving government’s decisions might be. Power to the government!

We also need a temporary spending bill because the 111th congress still has not put together the real one. That’s because they wisely assumed before the recent election happened that once the American people got a good look at how much money they had already pissed away, that there would have been repercussions. They still got a drubbing, but I bet you that if the American people had gotten a look at how bad it was, the drubbing would have been far worse. Instead, the strategy is to cover just enough time and then kick the though job to the next congress to deal with. Let those evil teabaggers deal with the real issues! How nice of them.

The FDA is supposed to be getting greater authority to order food recalls and inspect imported food. I am certain that since this yet again involves an expansion of government power and agencies, we citizens can expect that this will work as effectively as FEMA does when dealing with any catastrophes: it will make the little ones bigger, and the big ones worse. And that school nutrition plan thing is another big joke. Healthier school lunches might be a lofty goal, but I have a feeling we will be just wasting money providing food the kids will simply not eat anyway. I have a teen, and while he is a healthy eater and in great shape, I also know that if he doesn’t want to eat something, there isn’t a damned way the school is going to make him eat it.

I doubt they touch START. The thing is a disaster, and the Obama team really dropped the ball negotiating this crap. There are way too many holes and unresolved issues that make the treaty all but worthless paper.

How they deal with “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is going to be interesting. They could decide to score one for the team and in their typical fashion straddle us with something worse, or they might just kick this one to the next congress as well. My bet is that whatever we end up with will be worse than “Don’t ask, don’t tell” and create more problems while not doing much to deal with the issue at hand. After all, the objective of most of the people that have a problem with “Don’t ask, don’t tell” isn’t to really make the military more effective or to help gays in the military, but to do social engineering. That stuff never works out well.

The extension of unemployment benefits is needed to pay off all the poor shlobs left unemployed because of the Keynesian economic bullshit that the left has been relying on to “fix” the economic downturn for the past 2 or 3 years. The one caused by their ridiculous push to force lending institutions to give homeownership loans to obvious risky loan applicants of all kinds, in the name of social justice or whatnot, but which they solely blame Bush for. They consider this misuse of tax payer’s money a good & noble thing. I bet the unemployed people, well most of them I hope, would much rather get a real paying job than this handout, but why mar their stupid beliefs that they are doing something noble with reality?

I am also sure they will not touch the recommendations to cut Medicare and Social Security made by Obama’s “crack team” with a ten foot pole, preferring to pass that one to the next congress as well. You can then malign them for doing so, and hope the demonization campaign is able to reverse the mass migration away from the donkey party by the senior citizens shown in the last election cycle.

At least Global Warming and the Dream Act are not on the table right now. Finally there is talk of looking at airport security and all the problems currently in the news. My guess is that if they do anything it will just make it all worse and produce zero improvements in security. All in all, I expect them to screw us over hard. That’s what they do best after all.


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