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The WH Economists will not testify on Stimulus

So what’s new? That bull will cost us tax payers over $1 trillion and in general only helped demcorat constituencies, lobbyists, operatives, and campaign coffers, to name a few, so it is no surprise that the WH wants to stay away from this hearing.

Republicans say that they plan to use the hearing to examine the effects of the stimulus plan on the economy “and how its results compare to projections made by administration officials.” GOP staff said that they didn’t think that witnesses from individual federal departments would be able to answer these questions.

Evil bastarges! They want that boondoggle to actually have a positive effect? Who the hell do they think they are? Maybe someone should remind them they should have had the same enthusiasm when they held all 3 branches, and America wouldn’t have president Obama and his agenda to turn us into a banana republic today. Pfeh. At least they are exposing the drunken binge the donkeys have been on since they told us the age of conservatism was dead and progressivism would create utopia on earth after the 2008 elections. They sure are setting a record pace in their efforts to create a Soviet style utopia it feels like. Why do I feel that they will continue to ignore reality and pretend this theft of tax payer money thing they told us would save America was a good idea too, huh?


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