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Donkey union protection racket backfires

So the Wisconsin demcorats that fled across the border into neighboring Illinois in an obvious slap to the tax payers of Wisconsin and the recent elections in order to cockblock and avoid a vote that would they are going to lose but which would hurt one of their biggest donor-special interest constituencies, are set to cost the tax payers of Wisconsin an additional $165 million in interest payments if they do not come back and vote on a bill to refinance the state’s debt. Funny how democracy to the left only is worthy when they and their ideas win out, and any elections that repudiate their wants and wishes results in all forms of anti-democratic shenanigans and not just vitriol about their oppositions motives, but comparisons to the most undemocratic people they can come up with. Although never Lenin, Stalin, or Mao, though, huh?

These senate demcocrats say they fled the state to slow down the governor’s evil scheme of denying working class people their due protection from “Da Man”, all so the American people could have enough time to learn about the evil budget repair bill. The massive union machine, the DNC, and if you believe the facts and not the attempt to distance itself once the poll numbers showed the unpopularity of this move, even the WH, set their grand counter scheme in motion, and if we grant the donkeys that their flight was truly intended to just buy time for people to see how evil Walker and his plan was, they have been successful. Unfortunately though, the public at large has not been swayed by their bullshit, and in fact holds a very negative opinion of the democrat’s flight to avoid their responsibility in addition to siding with Walker on the issue of public unions putting way too large a burden on the Wisconsin tax payers.

In short, this stunt backfired. The unions were unable to gin up popular support, even with massive help from the MSM, and it is obvious Walker will win this fight. But the demcorats are going to make sure that the people of Wisconsin pay for daring to stand against them and their special interests and continue to drag this out hoping eventually the cost is just too high. Heh! Promises of massive turnout over the weekend to show solidarity, even though heavily coordinated, with lots of busses to get their masses out, fizzled out. The turnout numbers outside of Madison were pathetic at best and no attempt by the MSM to pretend otherwise will convince anyone that these people are anything but elitists children throwing a tantrum now that their parents have told them the good old days are over.

And they wonder why more and more people have come to realize, after acts of blackmail like this one, with heavy costs to the tax payers, why the concept of public unions and their hold on government cronies like them, has reached its tolerable zenith and have to come to and end. The battle ground has changed. The days where the MSM parroting DNC talking point allowed these crooks to easily sway public opinion in their favor, no matter how idiotic what they were doing was, are no longer here. The economy is in shambles because of the statists and the costs of their ideas, and the real people are rebelling against being told they have to sacrifice more so this protected class can live better than they do. We are fed up and we are not going to back down, and America in general will be better off for it.


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