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About that union busting thang…

Let’s have some perspective. Really, one has to ask the question why we only hear about Wisconsin and evil republican Scott Walker when we have democrats across the nation doing much of the same:

In a March 16, 2010 campaign speech to state union leaders, California Gov. Jerry Brown urged them to “attack” his Republican opponent, warning that their election would spell big trouble for their members. What a difference a year makes: Last week, as he signed a bill that cuts $8.2 billion from the state’s $27 billion deficit, mostly by slashing labor costs, Brown was also, according to the Associated Press, urging his former campaign allies to be open to the pension concessions being pushed by Republican state legislators. Those concessions will cost union members billions. Two weeks before that Brown told six state unions to expect pay cuts of up to 10 percent.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country in an equally blue state, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley faced 15,000 union workers massed a the state capitol in protest of O’Malley’s own budget proposals, which will make only a modest dent in the $19 billion in unfunded pension liabilities and $16 billion in retiree health care. O’Malley plaintive defense at the rally was notable as much for its chutzpah as for its liberal parochialism: “You will not find in Maryland the sort of Midwestern oppression that you find in Ohio and Wisconsin!”, he declared.

Then you also have Malloy in Connecticut saying he wants to do the same kind of public spending concessions/cuts. I point out that Malloy is “saying” he wants these cuts, mostly to appease the other side that would otherwise be furious over the big tax hikes that budget of his also comes with, because frankly I believe he will only enact some measly token items and has as his real goal the tax increases. But it is funny as the author of this piece points out to watch demcorats doing much of the same as Walker is doing in WI without any media coverage.

Midwestern oppression? How about Maryland and California duplicity? What, one wonders, would Democratic governors and mayors do if they did not have Republican governors for comparison? In fact, the wage cuts and increased employee pension contributions being proposed in California, Maryland and New York are actually greater, on a per capita basis, greater than those being pressed by Republicans Scott Walker, John Kasich, Rick Scott and Chris Christie.

Especially when CA, MA, and even CT are asking for bigger concessions that the republicans that have done the same. Which makes it obvious that the real reason the unions and the demcorats are so desperate in WI is precisely the fact that Walker’s changes has also targeted their sweet honey pot of cash, considering the demcorats going after the public unions is happening at the urban level as well.

Meanwhile, blue cities are experiencing the same thunderstorm of irony as blue states. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles recently reached a deal with unions representing a third of his workforce that will double the amount the workers pay for retirement. His next step is to slug it out with unions representing police, firefighters and others. Back on the East coast, the public employee unions that have pretty much owned the county council of wealthy Montgomery County Maryland stormed the county’s offices last week, denouncing Democratic county executive Ike Legget for demanding more than the $25 million in concessions the unions had offered.

Nothing should put the criticality of what Walker is doing in WI, and the reaction from those affected in better perspective. The demcorats and the union bosses have decided to fight, and fight to the death, because Walker’s plans are going to hurt their pockets. Defend these fuckers. Once the public union members realize their income might just have gone up once they aren’t robbed with help from their employers, most of them will be happy as can be.


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