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I want a government shutdown!

Know first that the budget we are having problems with was/is the 2010 budget, not the 2011 one. Yeah, that’s when the democrats owned all 3 branches of government, with comfortable enough margins to push through whatever they wanted. They hung the costly yoke of Obamacare around the tax payer’s neck, in a practically party line vote, and then only after promising billions of dollars & oodles special exclusions and favors to other democrats that needed to be bought to get them to go along, without a problem. They didn’t even care when people pointed out how disastrous the extra spending for Obamacare would be, or how big of a job killer the government takeover of healthcare and the new taxes they plan to add to cover some of this massive spending would be. Obamacare wasn’t the only idiotic and unpopular bill they had the time to pass, nor the only stupid shit they wanted and got done. Everyone was screamed about jobs and the last thing on their minds was that. But that 2010 budget? With the elections not to far away? No freaking way!

So in order to avoid the consequences and obvious lash back from the American people at the polls, because of another multi trillion dollar deficit spending budget bill that only served to enrich demcorats and their special interests, they basically decided not to do a budget at all and to fund the government with incremental bills that would allow them to hide the depths of their depravity. It certainly helped some of them from the beat down – Harry Reid, the current asshole holding everything up, for sure – that the 2010 elections brought to the donkey party. With republicans handily taking over the House, they donkeys knew they would be in trouble, but counted on Reid to do their dirty work, and he has so far done it, limiting the cuts the new freshman Tea Partiers are demanding.

So now Harry and Chuck (Shumer) have decided that they can recreate the famous 1995 shutdown that turned people away from the republican party and into the lecherous hands of Clinton, with help from their friends in the MSM of course, by actually forcing a government shutdown. It’s their Hail Marry play. One they are choosing to go with because they likely have concluded that that their current strategy of accepting the short term spending bills in the long run was going to cripple them anyway, with no discernable benefits at the polls come the next election. The rhetoric - and all the accusations that these cuts are extreme and the faux concern for how these “extreme” cuts will cost jobs, is plain and simple rhetoric & posturing, from people that didn’t give a flying fook about jobs or anything but expanding their own power while they had control of all 3 branches of government, and nothing else – is bullshit. If the $12 billion cut the republicans want in the current short term bill is such a big deal, when we are running annual deficits in the trillions, then we as a nation are doomed. The House has passed a bill. The Senate, controlled by Reid, is playing games in the hopes it can score them points like it did in 1995. The MSM has been carrying their water, but they don’t control the news cycle anymore like they did then. So let the damned demcorats force a shutdown.

Hammer home the fact that this is the 2010 budget. Hammer home the fact they have tacked on $5.2 trillion of new debt in these last few short years they controlled the purse. Hammer home how the current rate of spending is unsustainable. Hammer home how we are all going to suffer far worse because of them. Hammer home how their boy wonder is giving a new definition to the word inept. But most importantly hammer home the fact that without even bigger cuts, we are talking trillions over the next decade, not some piddle tens of billions – that we are doomed to an economic collapse, and then sooner than later. The MSM will fail trying to only get out the donkey talking points, like they did the last election, anyway.

I hope Harry doesn’t blink. Really. I want this shut down. We need it so we can put some perspective on how useless most of those that are part of this bloated government machine is anyway. I want these morons to keep thinking they are going to get the same as they did in 1995 only to get another beat down like the 2010 elections. They need to be taken apart and blamed for the damage they have done so this country has a chance to get things back in order. So yeah, SHUT IT DOWN!


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