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No Right To Work

I always thought we would know Obama by the people he surrounded himself with.  Well, lookie what his new NLRB has done:

For businesses, it was the type of action they have feared from a National Labor Relations Board dominated by Democrats. For labor unions, it was the type of action they have hoped for. And for both, it may be a sign of things to come.

These fears and hopes were stirred this week when the labor board’s top lawyer filed a case against Boeing, seeking to force it to move airplane production from a nonunion plant in South Carolina to a unionized one in Washington State. Boeing executives had publicly said they were making the move to avoid the kind of strikes the airplane maker had repeatedly faced in Washington; Lafe Solomon, the labor board’s acting general counsel, said the company’s motive constituted illegal retaliation against workers for exercising their right to strike.

It cost Boeing $2 billion to build their South Carolina plant. 

This is a lot more than a labor dispute.  Solomon has also filed suit against four states that passed Constitutional Amendments against card check and is expected to forbid workplaces from trying to decertify until at least a year after certifying..  When you look at his actions, the motive for tabbing him and the other new members of the NLRB becomes clear: the Obama Administration quietly taking sides in an interstate economic brawl.

Pro-labor states has been steadily losing jobs, businesses and entire industries to right-to-work states for decades now.  When I lived in Texas, Toyota opened a plant near our house.  They didn’t choose Texas over Michigan because of the big hats.  Well, not entirely.

The NLRB is taking steps to try to stop this from happening.  If companies continue to vote with their feet, the future of Big Labor is bleak—at least outside of government jobs.  And so they must be stopped.  Because, apparently, trying to minimize the headaches of a labor union is now retaliation.

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