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Terrorism, eh?

Canada’s policy of not banning the terrorist organization Hezbollah is not sitting well with some Canadians.

The Canadian government and two senior Cabinet ministers are being sued for not cracking down on fundraising by the radical Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah.

The Jewish organization B’nai Brith Canada launched the legal action in an attempt to force Ottawa to freeze Hezbollah’s assets, according to documents filed at the Federal Court of Canada.

Currently, Canadian banks are required to seize the assets only of Hezbollah’s so-called military wing, even though the organization is by most accounts a single entity expressly devoted to the violent destruction of Israel and America.

According to RCMP and Canadian Security Intelligence Service reports, Hezbollah has been using Canada as an offshore base for a decade. Its money-making ventures include the collection of charitable donations and theft of luxury vehicles in Ontario and Quebec.

It all seems pretty straightforward, right?  Everyone and their dog knows Hezbollah is a terrorist organization.  So, what is Canada’s justification for not cracking down?

But Mr. Graham has insisted he will not outlaw Hezbollah in its entirety because it is involved in social and political work in Lebanon. Canada’s only action against Hezbollah to date has been to order banks to freeze the assets of the group’s “External Security Force.”

In a letter published in today’s National Post, however, Art Eggleton, the former defence minister, calls on Canada to “seal a gaping hole in our country’s ban on terrorist fundraising” by proscribing all of Hezbollah, including the social wing defended by Mr. Graham.

“This so-called ‘social wing’ directly helps Hezbollah to recruit terrorists by inducing brainwashed people to join its cause of evil and financially secure their families in the process,” writes Mr. Eggleton, a Toronto MP.

“Although this ‘social branch’ does not carry out attacks directly, it is instrumental in the campaign of terror that Hezbollah wages and it answers to the same terrorist masterminds who order the murders of innocent women and children,” he writes.

There you have it, folks.  Canada won’t crack down on Hezbollah because it carries out social work in Lebanon.  Apparently this social work is of much greater importance than the fact that Hezbollah specifically targets Israeli children with its suicide bombers.  Killing Jewish children is therefore an acceptable byproduct of providing relief to Palestinian children. 

I guess Palestinians are worth more than Jews.

As an alternative, why doesn’t Canada simply outlaw all of Hezbollah, then expand Canada’s already substantial cradle-to-grave social welfare system to Palestine? 

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