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Canada, the Gun Free Utopia

If you saw Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine you might have come away with the idea that Canada has as many guns as America yet they have virtually no gun crime.  As with just about anything that comes out of Moore’s mouth that turns out to be untrue.

Toronto’s recent wave of street murders—more than 40 since the beginning of 2001—debunks the claim that Ottawa’s gun registry is making Canadians safer from crime.

Nearly all of the Toronto murders have been committed with handguns. Yet handguns have been subject to registration in Canada since 1934. In fact, registration has done nothing to stem the use of handguns in murder: In the past 15 years, the proportion of all firearm murders committed with handguns has nearly doubled in Canada from just over one-third to nearly two-thirds.

And here, as Andrew Sullivan likes to say, is the money quote:

Since the registry opened its doors (or at least its database) four years ago this week, overall firearms homicides are up more than 13%. If the rate had instead declined 13%, you can bet the Liberals would have been broadcasting their “success” far and wide. We believe they should be held to account for their “failure” just as vigorously.

Nothing that left-wingers do is ever judged by an objective standard.  It is undeniable that a 13% drop would have been heralded as a success, yet a 13% increase will never se shown to be a failure.  America’s welfare system is a great example.  As Thomas Sowell points out the welfare system was created with the goal of ending poverty.  If it were to be objectively judged on it sstated goal it would be deemed an utter, dismal failure, which ultimately exascerbated the problem it was created to fix.  Canada’s gun control registry will most certainly not be deemed a failure.  Instead it’s adherents will point to its failure as proof that an even more draconian system of gun registration is required, this taking yet another step down the slippery slope towards total gun confiscation.

I wonder if this information will end up in Moore’s next Mike’s Message?  I doubt it.

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