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Gone to Pot

I am a libertarian conservative.  I believe strongly in the concept of state’s rights.  Most conservatives claim to.  If you are one of them, see how you feel about this.

It was all in a day’s work for jurors in the ongoing, and often surreal, federal drug trial of former High Times advice columnist ‘’Ask Ed’’ Rosenthal, who is facing 20 years in prison for cultivating medical cannabis.

Federal prosecutors have built their case against Rosenthal by barring pre-trial testimony of Oakland city officials who said Rosenthal grew the plants for the city’s medical marijuana program. But the government has subpoenaed testimony from an array of people who simply saw the plants, including a fellow grower, the proprietor of a medical cannabis club, Rosenthal’s landlord, an electrician and even a fireman. These legal tactics offer a blueprint of the government’s strategy to halt the distribution of medical marijuana in California and perhaps in the other seven states that have voted for it.

‘’This is the federal government at war with its own citizens and I like to think that years from now we will look back on this as a dark chapter in our nation’s history,’’ said California State Assemblymember Mark Leno. ‘’The thought of a man like Ed Rosenthal being threatened with twenty years of imprisonment is an outrage. The man is not a criminal.’’

Say what you want about the drug war, but this is nothing but blatantly unconstitutional federal bullying, and a direct assault on state sovereignity. 

If you’re a conservative who suppports the drug war, how can you justify this prosecution?  And if you’re a liberal who thinks the prosecution is unconstitutional, how do you reconcile that belief with Roev. Wade, arguably the linchpin of the movement against state’s rights? I anxiously await your commentary.

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